Campus Safety

Safety Protocols

There are 4 possible safety protocols to follow in the event of an emergency:

  1. Lock Down (example: intruder on campus)
  2. Lock Out (example: police activity in the area around campus)
  3. Evacuate (example: fire alarm activated)
  4. Shelter (example: tornado alarm activated)

Holland Hall conducts several all-school safety drills for each of these protocols throughout the school year.

(If you ever arrive on campus during school hours and the front gate is closed, we might be mid-drill — please be patient, drills typically last less than 15 minutes.)

Contact Campus Safety 2 Ways

  1. Call (918) 879-4717. Someone will answer that phone number 24/7.
  2. Access the School App (Download App for Android, Download App for iPhone), select the “Emergency” module, then click the “Security” button to call the campus safety number.

Examples of when to call Campus Safety:

  • You are in a vehicle accident, or you witness a vehicle accident on campus;
  • You damage or witness damage or vandalism to Holland Hall property;
  • There is an altercation of any kind;
  • You observe a suspicious person or behavior;
  • Someone is injured, sick, or requires medical attention (we have two full-time nurses and an athletic trainer on staff who will be contacted as needed);
  • Emergency services are required (ambulance, police, etc.)
  • You are locked out of a gate or building;
  • Something just doesn’t “feel” right — follow your gut instinct and don’t hesitate to call!

Drive Safely

The speed limit on campus is 15 mph, and the laws of the road apply on campus. Please put cell phones down and watch for children at play and pedestrian crossings.

Visiting Buildings on Campus

All doors across campus are locked throughout the school day. If you need to enter a building, look for a buzzer, and the front desk personnel will let you in.

To enter a building beyond the reception area, all visitors, including parents, will need to have a valid driver’s license to check-in at a KeepN Track station. After scanning the license, the check-in system will run a quick background check against the sex offender database. Once approved, a visitor badge sticker will print and should be worn while on campus. Please scan the visitor badge on your way out so we know that you have left the building.

For regular volunteers or visitors, an ID card is available after a full KeepN Track background check. Click here to apply for an ID card.