Student ID Cards

New student ID cards.

As of the 2017-18 school year, all students are required to visibly carry a student ID card.

There are 2 types of IDs that are issued:

  • Primary School and 4th–5th Grade cards have a barcode for certain needs.
  • 6th–12th Grade cards are proximity cards that enable door access. These cards have embedded chips that will also allow for added capabilities for future use.

Proximity Cards and Building Access

All building doors are locked and require a proximity card to enter. Faculty and staff along with students in 6th-12th Grade are required to carry their ID proximity cards at all times so they may enter buildings. Primary School students and 4th–5th Graders always have an adult with them so proximity IDs are not needed.

Parents and visitors must be let in through the main doors of each branch and are required to check in with the branch assistant and the KeepnTrack safety software.

It is required that all students have their IDs with them at all times. Missing or lost IDs need to be reported immediately so that the card’s access can be turned off and a new card issued. Holes should never be punched in any of the proximity ID cards. If a student looses ID/door access card for the first time, the charge to reprint the card is $10.00. If a student looses ID/door access card for the second or subsequent time, the charge to reprint the card is $20.00 each time. Replacement charges will be added to their accounts.