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Vol 3: Holland Hall Alumni Association on the Road

Coming Soon to a City Near You!

The Holland Hall Alumni Association on the Road.

The Holland Hall Alumni Association and its board live by one simple tagline - Engaged Alumni. Strong Connections. Lasting Relationships. This slogan influences every decision we make as a board and on behalf of our association. But because our entire alumni base does not still live in Tulsa – some live as close as Jenks and others as far as Melbourne, Australia – engaging our alumni, strengthening our connections, and cultivating lasting relationships cannot be accomplished in Tulsa alone.Did you know we travel with a Holland Hall entourage to cities all over the United States? We have visited Houston, Dallas/Ft. Worth, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., New York City, Denver, and Salt Lake City, to name a few. Why do we visit our alumni so far from home? We know everyone cannot make it to Tulsa on a regular basis or at all. Our receptions outside of Tulsa allow us to network with fellow alumni, secure and share professional resources, assist young alumni who are moving to new cities and starting new careers, and appreciate the opportunities we have because of our time at Holland Hall. Each time we visit our alumni, we hear the same messages of appreciation for the premier education, the myriad of opportunities available to all students, the strong relationships formed with faculty, coaches, and fellow students, and the independence gained through time management, self-advocating, and high expectations. In a word, our graduates are prepared.Just this past January, the aforementioned Holland Hall entourage visited Denver, Colorado, where we celebrated a group of 30 alumni guests at Lime Cantina and Tequila Bar, hosted by owner and alumna Pam Savage Sims ’77. We enjoyed traditional Mexican fare and a little taste of home with a platter of Tulsa-style coneys. Thank you, Pam, for hosting your second alumni event in two years! Our Denver alumni base is thriving, successful, and always growing.The following week, our adventures took us to Los Angeles, California, where we enjoyed a tour of 1992 alumnus and artist Tyler Ramsey’s studio. Tyler treated us to lunch in Malibu before giving us a true taste of LA life — a 3.5-hour traffic jam! Although we were late to our own party, the evening was fantastic! 25 alumni joined us and we had a wonderful time sharing memories, hearing about everyone’s personal and professional endeavors, and simply catching up. Our LA crew is nothing less than impressive!With each reception we attend, our professional network grows and our relationships strengthen. And we inevitably hear the same comment at every reception we attend - “I had no idea this many alumni lived here.”We are currently planning the 2018-19 reception dates but have not chosen our destination cities. We need your help to secure our next locations. Please take a moment to vote for your city of choice. The 2-3 cities with the most votes will be our next reception sites. Come and reconnect; we can’t wait to see you!