Using the proper channels to submit requests improves the efficiency and manner in which our support teams are able to serve Holland Hall. We deeply appreciate your efforts to adjust former habits and follow the submission process!

Facilities Use Requests

Facilities Use Request Form »

  • Once submitted, your department head & the department head of the building in which you are requesting use will need to approve.
  • Once BOTH have approved, your request will be processed. If it is not approved, you’ll be notified via email.

Transportation Requests

Transportation Request Form »

  • No more than ONE maintenance driver is assigned per day. If one has already been assigned or it is outside of business hours, you will be responsible for securing a driver from the approved list of Holland Hall drivers.

Walter Arts Center (WAC) Use Requests

WAC Facilities Use Form »

WAC Tech Requests Form »

SchoolDude Maintenance Requests

Use your Google login credentials and the Google App tiles at the top of the page to Access SchoolDude and send a work order:

  • Open your Gmail account and sign in.
  • Go to the square of dots in the upper right-hand corner (Google Apps). Click on it.
  • Click on “More” at the bottom of the drop-down menu.
  • Click on the SchoolDude logo at the bottom of the menu.

When should I submit a School Dude request?

Emergency Situation – Call Meredith Wullkotte @ 4730 or your Branch Assistant
e.g. water fountain overflowing, toilet clogged/overflowing, broken glass, codes, safety concerns, etc.

Classroom/Office Maintenance – Pause, put in a work order
e.g. A lightbulb out, wiggling table, broken shelf, minor adjustments, electrical request, etc. These must be submitted via SchoolDude. You can attach pictures and provide all the details our team needs to complete your request. These should not be submitted via text, or phone call, or in-person to the maintenance team. These requests will be assigned promptly to the appropriate person and added to the maintenance schedule.

Repairs/Replacements/Capital Projects/Summer Work – Stop, get approval, then send in a work order
e.g. painting, furniture moves, changes to the building, new projects, and all repairs and replacements that require the use of Holland Hall resources and funds. These requests must be approved by the Branch Head AND the Head of the School OR Associate Head of School for Finance and Operations. Once approved, these requests need to be submitted through SchoolDude. Please plan ahead!

Facilities, maintenance, and transportation questions? Please contact Meredith Wullkotte at mwullkotte@hollandhall.org.

Marketing and communications questions? Please contact Ashley Parrish at aparrish@hollandhall.org.

Marketing and Communication Requests

The Communications Department fields communication and marketing project requests from departments school-wide. It is vital that we have ample time to plan for and execute requests. As a result, project requests should be submitted 4-6 weeks before the desired due date. We appreciate your understanding and willingness to help the Communications Department offer support to you and all of our teammates across campus.

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Communications Project
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Dutch Weekly
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