Tulsa’s only PreK-Grade 12 independent Episcopal school.

April 20, 2024!

Mark your calendars now and Save the Date for the highly anticipated return of Gezellig!

We extend a special thank you to our Patrons and Sponsors who participated in 2022 and look forward to welcoming you, along with new supporters, in 2024.

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2024 Gezellig Committee
A special thank you to our Gezellig Co-chairs Kulsum Siddiqui & Bronya Zamarin

Event Planner: Annie Brady with Annie Brady Design LLC/ Magpie
2024 Patrons and Sponsors
The Dreamers
Annie and Stephen Brady

Chad and Bronya Zamarin

The Change Makers
Michelle and Justin Briggs '01, Kali and Scott Cole, John and Aimee Serio '02 Hopper, Kate and Chauncey Pickering '02, Kimberly and Brandon Schutz '91, & Stephanie and Paul Zito

Little Design Co.*

Kulsum and Jamal Siddiqui

Tulsa Modern Dental*

Kulsum and Jamal Siddiqui

Kori and Dennis Weikle

Maxine and Jack Zarrow Family Foundation

The Beatniks
Bailey and Chris Bird '02 & Jennifer and Joe Potts '98

Brian and Patti Shaw Chalkin, Shana and Trase Mahan, Cyndy and Michael Phillips, Amy and Stephen Santee, &  Kristi and Doug Self

Autumn and Daniel Love, Ailee and Ryan Nowlin ‘93, Timothy and Kristen Graves ‘96 Schenk, & Kelly and Rick Wilkerson

The Wanderers *
Carter & Higgins Orthodontics*

James Hodge Auto Group*

The Explorers
Annatina and Michael Aaronson '93, Jeffrey Broermann and Sarah Fox Broermann, Mollie Craft, & Jinny and Stephen Confer

Robin Ballenger '63


Linsey and D.J. Lees

Lisa and Dane Tucker

The Doers *
Einstein Bagels and Skyzone*

FC Tulsa*


Platinum Mechanical*

The Out of the Box Thinkers
Mary and JP Culley

Kalei and Hansen Dirani

Jahannah and Edward Jamelarin

Justin and Meredith Lesher

Brooke and James Woods

The Ones Who See Things Differently
Clint Basener and Amy Hurlburt

Megan Beck and Marcus Huck

Lindsey and Matt Bristow

Andrea and Brad Brown

Ashley and Connor Cross

Kinsey and Jake Freudenrich

Hilary and Brian Green

Gorospe Law Group*

Alissa and JJ Hurley

Madhuri and Chandan Lad

Katie and Matt Land

Heather and Doug May

Michelle and Daniel Miller

Jana and Kamran Momeni

Chelsea and Anthony Showalter

Chelsea and Kane Smith

Megan and Don Zetik

*Corporate Sponsor recognition