Countless possibilities, one purpose.

As Tulsa’s only PreK through Grade 12 independent Episcopal school, Holland Hall provides bedrock academic foundations, uncommon extracurricular equilibrium, and an extraordinary apprenticeship in self-reliance—all in an unusually kind, supportive learning community.

We provide intentionally small classes
a vast array of fascinating courses.

Intensive preparation to ensure success tomorrow
inspiring teaching to spark joy today.

Football, field hockey, tennis, track
ceramics, theater, dance, photography.

Meaningful individual support
genuine personal accountability.

From the exciting possibilities of AND we build the solid assurance of ALL — carefully guiding each student through choices, challenges, passions, and wise risks, to craft a complete educational experience that prepares her exceptionally well for college, career, and the world beyond.

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The 4 A’s: Academics, Athletics, Arts, Atmosphere.

At Holland Hall, students don’t have to choose between academics, athletics or the arts. We provide a supportive atmosphere that encourages every student to pursue and excel in all three. Our focus on the whole individual is one of the reasons Holland Hall students thrive in academics, arts and athletics. Holland Hall’s small class sizes and intimate, wooded campus provide an ideal environment to form relationships that last a lifetime. The importance of community is a core value at Holland Hall, with all of what we do centering on this strong sense of connectedness.

The challenging academic opportunities at Holland Hall are unmatched in Tulsa. From the first day of Preschool through graduation, our students are nurtured and challenged in their classes. The faculty at Holland Hall have created an innovative, scaffolded program in each discipline in order to move students along the college-preparatory path that ends with 100% of the senior class matriculating to competitive colleges and universities. The most recent graduating class was offered more than $7 million in scholarships. Students who graduate from Holland Hall are prepared for success in any university setting and for life beyond college.

Athletics and the Arts
Athletics and the arts are very important at Holland Hall. Because every student participates in both artistic and athletic endeavors, the entire community respects and encourages excellence beyond the classroom. At Holland Hall, exceptional faculty and innovative programming provide an environment in which each student can discover his/her gifts and passions in both arts and athletics. Developing every facet of each student is our mission.

Although Holland Hall has called different locations home since 1922, its current campus at 81st and Yale is a gem in south Tulsa. In addition to the Primary, Middle, and Upper School facilities, the 165-acre campus includes creeks and ponds, an outdoor classroom, a regionally-recognized 5K wooded trail, numerous athletic fields, and developmentally-appropriate playgrounds. The Walter Arts Center and the All Saints Chapel round out the beautiful and engaging campus.

The Essential Qualities for a Holland Hall Graduate.

• Possess integrity, ethical standards, and compassion
• Exhibit respect and sensitivity for others
• Cherish the humanity in all people and treat them equitably

• Think critically and communicate effectively
• Possess intellectual curiosity and an enthusiasm for learning
• Demonstrate appropriate knowledge and skill foundation for academic success in college
• Have an appreciation for and experience in the arts

Knowledge of Self
• Acquire a foundation for decision-making that is healthy, balanced, and respectful
• Value perseverance and hard work, and recognize the potential for growth from adversity
• Pursue health of mind, body, and spirit
• Know how to collaborate and compete with grace and to lead as well as to follow
• Possess the self-discipline, self-awareness, and time management capability to be successful in post-secondary school life and beyond

• Share responsibility for the environment
• Live as a cooperative, compassionate, and engaged member of local and global communities
• Have a commitment to social responsibility and service

Ready to learn more about all Holland Hall offers? Please explore our admissions, academic, and campus life pages and call (918) 481-1111 for more information or to schedule a tour.


The Holland Hall Mission Statement.

Holland Hall provides a challenging, comprehensive educational experience grounded in a rigorous liberal arts, college preparatory curriculum that promotes critical thinking and life-long learning. A PreK-12 Episcopal school, we seek to foster in each student a strong moral foundation and a deep sense of social responsibility.