At Holland Hall, the arts are for all.

Our 70,000 square foot Walter Arts Center houses classes in ceramics and studio painting, modern dance, music, theater, and more. We commit to a rich range of arts offerings because we believe each of our students fills a unique creative niche — and we want them to find it here at Holland Hall.

The arts inform and enliven all stages of our students’ education — from PreK cutting and coloring to in-depth studies of major artists in Primary School, and from basic barre movements in Middle School to Upper School craft classes in acting, directing, and playwriting. And our faculty is composed of master practitioners of these disciplines, working artists who teach from rich personal experience.

We know that creative work stimulates critical thinking skills and problem-solving capabilities. And we believe that by facilitating meaningful self-expression, we also empower our students to express ideas more clearly and forcefully. At Holland Hall, an arts education is integral to wider academic engagement — and fulfilling, transformative student experiences.

Ready to see all Holland Hall’s arts programming offers? Please call (918) 481-1111 for more information or to schedule a tour.